5 Reasons Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed

5 Reasons Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed - Delcela

You hear movement beneath your bed as you begin to wake up from your slumber. You're unsure what it is, from the shuffling to the breathing.

You initially believe it is a rodent or something similar, but as the breathing becomes louder, you discover it is simply your dog. She seemed to have slept beneath your bed. She refuses to leave her little spot beneath your mattress when you try to coax her out.

So, why does my dog sleep under my bed?

Dogs sleep under the bed to feel both comfortable and safe. The confined space gives them a feeling of safety with a protective layer on their head. Its instinct also drives the wild dogs to take shelter under a share during any danger or unpleasant weather.

However, other reasons can make a canine sleep under your bed. Let me share them with you.


Why Does My Dog Sleep Under My Bed

Your dog may be sleeping under your bed for a variety of reasons. If sleeping beneath the bed is a new habit, you must determine why.


They Are Feeling Upset

Do you have a large family, guests, a new pet, or someone new staying in your home? Change or a lot of activity might upset some dogs, so they prefer to hide under furniture or sleep beneath the bed to feel safe.


Be Cozy and Close With You

When you don't let your dog sleep on the bed, they may lie beneath it to be closer to you since they don't enjoy being alone. If your dog follows you out of bed, the space beneath your bed may be picked as a sleeping area near you.


They Did Something Wrong!

Dogs can tell when they've done something wrong. They will frequently hide in embarrassment or avoid doing anything embarrassing. Your dog may sleep beneath the bed because they have a hidden cache of something it shouldn't have.

If your dog suddenly refuses to sleep in your bed, you need to think about it seriously.

My dog has been gnawing on a treasured pair of leather shoes under my bed as if they've stashed a bag of banned M&Ms beneath the bed.


The Privacy Seeker

A dog may choose to lie beneath a bed for the sake of seclusion. If you live in a crowded environment or have recently moved, having a private place may help your dog feel more at ease. Sleeping beneath the bed may create a peaceful, comfortable, and predictable environment for your dog.


They Are Scared

If your dog is terrified of anything, it may be hiding beneath your bed. If it's raining, the home or neighborhood is noisy; they hear fireworks or a new person in the house, they could be hiding beneath the bed.

I use a soothing voice to help calm my dog when he is terrified of something. Removing the source of your dog's fear might assist persuade it out from beneath the bed.


How To Get My Dog To Stop Sleeping Under My Bed

How To Get My Dog To Stop Sleeping Under My Bed - Delcela

If your dog frequently hides beneath the bed, you should investigate why. There may not be anything to be concerned about in terms of comfort and safety.

If it's due to something more serious, such as illness or anxiety, you'll need to assist your dog in adjusting and healing. Overall, it's good to persuade your dog to stop hiding under the bed. You want to make sure your dog is secure, comfortable, and loved in everyday life.

Hiding in small areas is a common technique for your dog to avoid their daily routine. Once you've figured out why your dog is hiding under the bed, it's time to establish a safe atmosphere for them and make the necessary changes.

There is no danger in allowing your dog to lie or relax under your bed from time to time. However, it is critical to ensure that your dog does not make hiding under the bed a habit or a coping method for any troubles they are experiencing. We want our pets to be happy all of the time as owners.


Other Ways to Encourage Your Dog

You can make a place for your dog if you find it like being in a dark, enclosed setting. Make a safe location for them near you in the house, such as a box or kennel covered with a blanket. 

This might make your dog feel more secure, reassured, and loved in its own home. If you observe that this behavior is caused by disease, fear, or worry, you should consider evaluating your dog's environment.

You may then change it to suit your dog's needs. If this does not appear to work, you should take your dog to the veterinarian to ensure that their health is in excellent working order.



Dogs are sensitive and empathic creatures, and it is our responsibility as their owners to provide them with a happy existence.

There's nothing wrong with your dog spending time beneath the bed. Just make absolutely sure your dog isn't avoiding life outside of their private hideaway beneath your bed.

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