How To Choose The Best Car Seat For Pets

If you are a new pet owner, then you will definitely need some things which will make the pet’s life a lot easier. One of those things is a car seat. Here is everything you need to know about finding the perfect car seat for pet.

Types Of Car Seats For Pets

Here are some types of car seats that are available for your pet. You can choose from these variants, depending on what goes with your car and what your pet prefers.

  1. Booster Seats

A pet booster seat car is probably the most comfortable type of pet seat you can get for your pet. It is shaped like a bowl or bucket and it has a comfortable bed on the bottom. It feels exactly like a pet bed, so if your pet loves the feel and comfort of a bed, then this seat is perfect to get. Your pet can still see everything from the window and it is also quite safe for long and bumpy rides.

  1. Harness Restraints

This is not a car seat, per se, but you can easily seat the pet in a normal car seat with this contraption. It is like a body harness, but it is connected to a car seat. Your pet can sit on its back and its legs on the seat and you can secure the leash with some hooks to keep it in place.

This works great for small cats and dogs. For a lot of people, it is the only cheap and efficient option, instead of getting a full-fledged car seat for your pet.

How To Choose The Best Car Seat For Pets

  1. Hammock Seats

If you have a big pet, like a large dog, and want to take it in the car, then you can get a hammock-style seat for your pet. The only downside of this seat is that your whole back seat will be occupied and you won’t be able to use the space for anything else.

Other than that, hammock style pet seats for cars are very comfortable seat for your pet and they feel like a bed. The hammock can be attached from one window to the other and this provides ample space for either one big dog or multiple small ones.

  1. Car Carrier Restraints

Who says you can’t use a carrier as a makeshift car seat? A carrier is also a great way of keeping your pet contained in the car. It is perfect if you want to go and do a quick errand and want to take your pet with you, but don’t have a car seat.

All you need to keep the carrier sturdy and keep it from wobbling in the car, you will need some restraints to keep it in place. The restraints can be placed on the walls of the car through hooks.

Things To Consider For A Pet Car Seat

Here are some things you should be looking out for when you are buying the perfect car seat for your pet whether it’s pet booster seat car or any other type. This applies to both cats and dogs.

  1. Comfort Is Everything

First things first, you need to see whether the seat is comfortable for the pet or not. If you are getting a car seat, then you need to make sure that the pet will be comfy throughout the ride, because that’s the main point and function of a car seat.

There are many types of pet seats for cars available for pets that are super comfortable. You can get padded seats with great support and these things will make sure that your pet enjoys the ride in the car in its own seat and you can rest assured that your pet is not comfortable and everything is taken care of.

  1. Does Your Pet Like The Seat?

This tip needs to be considered for choosy pets. Everyone has that one pet that likes things to be in a specific way and they aren’t happy until they get what they want. So, car seats can be nothing less than a challenge for you to choose from.

You might need to get your pet used to having a pet gear car booster seat. This can take a bit of training, like just letting the pet sit in the car seat and just letting it get used to this foreign idea. You can also do test drives with the car seat and the pet and see how the pet reacts. If the ride is smooth and the pet is comfortable and content throughout, then you can treat and reward the dog and be sure of the fact that your pet is getting used to a car seat.

  1. Does It Fit In Your Car?

Another thing that is important to consider when getting a car seat for pet is the fit. All cars have different interior designs and the seats can also vary in shape and size. So, you need to get a car seat that will fit in your car or in the space between the seats, if you’re considering getting a hammock seat.

The last thing you want to do is spend money on a seat that doesn’t even fit in your car and let it go to waste because if the seat doesn’t fit, the pet won’t sit in it either.

  1. Is It Durable?

This is probably the most important thing to consider when you are thinking about the longevity of the pet booster seat car. Your pet’s car seat needs to be comfortable, as well as durable. Durability is a huge selling point for car seat manufacturers and it should be a top priority for you as a buyer. Pets have a tendency to chew and claw on things, so you need to make sure that this car seat can endure anything and everything.

There are different materials that offer different levels of durability, as far as car seats are concerned. Leather or strong fabric seats are what you want to go for if you want the seat to last for years to come and you want your pet to be comfortable and happy in a car.

  1. Is It Removable?

Most pet car seats are removable, but it's still a good idea to get the right information. Removable car seats are so much easier to work with because their position and orientation can be removed and played around with. You can also change the car and fix the existing seat in the other car. You can also change the position of the seat from the back of the car and bring it to the front seat.

In short, there are many merits of removable seats, so that’s definitely what you want to go for. There are fixed seats available as well, but they are really not worth the money, since they stay in one place once they are fixed and that’s not what you want.

  1. Is It Safe?

Human car seats come with seat belts, padded backs, and comfort, so they are good to go in the safety department. The same needs to be considered when getting a pet gear car booster seat. You want the car seat to have plenty of support, and seat belts to keep the pet from moving around too much and there should also be hooks for securing the leash. These things are very important to look for in car seats for pets.

How To Choose The Best Car Seat For Pets

  1. Can The Pet Car Seat Be Washed?

Accidents can happen, but it's nothing majorly stressful if your car seat is washable. Pets can ruin their pet seats for cars, especially during long rides when they haven’t eaten or walked in a long time. A big lifesaver for you is a washable pet car seat. The last thing you want is your car to be smelly, just because the pet car seat hasn’t been washed.

You want to get a car seat that does well with water and doesn’t get damaged because this is going to make sure that your pet has a clean seat to sit on and it won’t make your car smell putrid.

  1. Is It Easy To Use?

Last but not least, you want to make sure that the pet gear car booster seat you select is easy to use, rather than being a work of labor. You want the seat belts to be easily snapped with a small click and there shouldn’t be many complexities with the seat, otherwise, it will make things super hard for you and it will overwhelm the pet as well.

So, try to get simple car seats with all the necessary safety features and try to get something that is fast to secure the pet in. You will thank yourself in the future for this.


There you have it! A car seat for pet is a great investment because it allows for a comfortable commute in the car and it can work for long car rides as well. These tips will help you find the perfect seat for your pet, regardless of having either a cat or a dog.

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