FAQs About How Much Vizsla Puppies Sleep!

FAQs About How Much Vizsla Puppies Sleep - Delcela

Vizsla puppies are among the most common breeds of dogs, much more so than their names might suggest. The distinctive, tall, rangy, reddish Vizsla is the 31st most popular purebred dog breed registered through the American Kennel Club (AKC). 

According to the Hungarian Vizsla Society, adult Vizslas are known to be one of the most athletic, intelligent, and active dog breeds in the world. However, Vizsla puppies are famous for their prodigious ability to sleep. 

So how much do Vizsla puppies sleep? Well, that’s precisely what you will find out here. At Delcela, we specialize in providing high-quality pet supplies to pet parents all over the US. One of our most popular product categories is pet dog supplies

Due to our line of work, we have gathered a vast amount of knowledge about Vizsla puppies. So we decided we should address all the frequently asked questions about how many hours a day do vizsla puppies sleep and vizsla sleeping positions. 

Hopefully, you will know all there is to know about Vizsla puppy sleeping positions and time frames by the end. So without any further delay, let’s begin!


How Much Do Vizsla Puppies Sleep?

Vizsla puppies need the amount of sleep depending on their age and life stage. Like every other puppy out there, Vizslas are born blind and deaf. So for the first two to three weeks of their life, if they aren’t nursing or pooping, they are sleeping. 

However, once their eyes open, they will spend more time being awake exploring their world. If you check out the Vizsla owner forum, you will see that even young adult Vizslas can sleep up to 17 hours per day. 


Sleep Stages & Growth Of Vizsla Puppies

To understand Vizsla puppies better, you need to know how many hours they need to sleep each day. So in the following, we will talk about the rapid-fire growth and development stage of the Vizsla puppy to adulthood. So let’s check them out!


Whelping To Three Weeks

The process of dog moms giving birth is known as whelping. The puppies are born deaf and blind, and they cannot stay warm without help from their mother. The only senses these Vizsla puppies have at this stage are taste and smell. 

At this stage, the puppies are sleeping 90% of the time. The rest of their time is spent nursing and eliminating because their bodies grow rapidly.

The eyes open at around two weeks, the ears follow at about three weeks, and the baby teeth start growing around that timeline. You will find the puppy sleeping extensively throughout this first phase of life.


Three To Seven Weeks

By the time your Vizsla is three weeks old, it will be able to see, hear and chew, bringing curiosity and activity. The puppy is fast putting on weight at that time, sometimes 1 pound per week. During this time, the puppy will be sleeping 70% of the time between eating, eliminating, teething, and weaning.


Seven To Twelve Weeks

By week seven, Vizsla puppies usually adjust to living without their mother and littermates while also going through potty training and learning basic obedience skills. 

However, that can stress the puppy, especially during the night during the crate training period. Now, it can seem like the Vizsla puppy cries and whines throughout the night, but sleep remains a priority. 


Three To Four Months

The intensity amps up from twelve weeks to seventeen weeks for your Vizsla puppy. During this time, it’s still on a puppy diet with more frequent feedings as there’s still a lot of internal growth and development going on. 

In addition, the Vizsla puppy’s bones, skeletal system, gastrointestinal system, brain, and bowel are transforming and maturing. As a result, there will be much sleep between short training sessions, potty breaks, eating, and eliminating. 


Four To Ten Months

At around six months, the Vizsla puppy will start eating more of an adult dog diet and have fewer daily meals and more control over bowel and bladder function. However, you can expect the need for sleep to remain unchanged during this time.


Ten Months To One Year

As the Vizsla approaches its first birthday, you will notice a lot more changes. Its leg bones will finish growing, and its diet will transition into adult dog food and portion size. 

Your Vizsla will start to look more like an adult Vizsla now. Vizslas are only programmed to either be “on” or “off,” meaning your dog will be sleeping when it’s not very active. 


One Year And Older

Even during adulthood, a Vizsla alternate between intense activity and intense sleep. So if your Vizsla is getting sufficient daily exercise, training, and enrichment, it will crave sleep to recover. 


Aren’t Vizsla’s Supposed To Be High Energy?

Aren’t Vizsla’s Supposed To Be High Energy - vizsla sleeping position - Delcela

The Central Wisconson Vizsla Club states that the name Vizsla translates to “alert and responsive.” Now, we often find that the people who ask, “how many hours a day do vizsla puppies sleep?” are those who don’t think their dog is that active. However, read any blog on dog breeds. 

You will find that Vizslas are extraordinary gun dogs and canine athletes and do best when they have an active owner who spends much time outdoors. So should your Vizsla puppy be sleeping 17 to 20 hours per day? Well, in puppyhood, yes. 

Now, to you, it may seem like your Vizsla is just taking another nap, but in reality, it is working very hard to grow up with each nap they take. Even during adulthood, Vizslas will need lots of sleep as that’s the time when the body mends and repairs itself. 

So if your Vizsla gets enough daily exercise and activity, it will be very sleepy by the time you go home. For fully grown Vizslas, enough daily exercise equates to about 45 to 60 minutes daily. 

Daily exercises can be divided into jogs or runs together, hiking, K-9 athletics, interactive play, training time, solo play, and playtime with other dogs in the dog park. 


Issues Linked With Excessive Sleeping

The Canine Health Information Center states that specific known genetic (heritable) health problems can cause excessive sleeping in Vizslas. 

For example, issues like autoimmune thyroiditis cause an imbalance or malfunction in hormones that can lead to sleepiness. In addition, sometimes cardiac issues can cause excessive sleep, so be on the lookout for that. 

Also, pain from issues like hip or elbow dysplasia serious joint problems that cause the malformation of the ball and socket hip joint can lead to an inactive Vizsla. Also, vision or skin issues can cause your Vizsla not to be very active. 


The Takeaway

Hopefully, now you know the answer to “how much sleep Vizsla puppies need?” As you can see, Vizslas do need much sleep, especially those growing up. 

Now to keep your Vizsla active and healthy, you will need high-quality pet supplies that enhance the quality of life for your Vizsla puppy, and that’s where Delcela can help you out. 

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Also, if you have any questions about Vizsla or any other dog breed or have queries about pet supplies, drop them in the comments below or hit us up on our socials. We will answer them all for you. 

And with that being said, that’s about all we have for you today; We will come back with something new for you soon. Until then, see ya!

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