Can Birds Move Their Eggs & Nests?

Can Birds Move Their Eggs and Nests - Delcela

Birds are migratory, meaning they travel very long distances from the north to the south in search of better resources and better temperatures, and they do it every year during winter. However, that's not the only movement birds make. 

They move from one nest to another throughout the year. But can birds move their eggs? Well, that's precisely what we will look into here in this article. 

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However, due to our line of work, we need research about animals, birds, and reptiles. So we found out if birds can move their eggs and nests for you. Here in the following passages, that's exactly what we will talk about. So without further delay, let's check it out!


Can Birds Move Their Eggs To Another Nest?

Nests are supposed to be a safe place for eggs, but that's not always the case. Some birds are known to move their eggs to a different nest whenever it feels the nest is threatened. 

For example, ground birds usually will change their nest when threatened under the right circumstance. But they do need suitable terrain to roll and relocate the eggs effectively. However, flying birds can't move their eggs to another nest after laying them as they cannot pick them up. 


Why Do Birds Kick Out Their Eggs From Their Nest?

There are times you will find abandoned nests with eggs, and sometimes you will find eggs outside of the nests. The eggs outside the nests aren't always because they were kicked out. Instead, it may have been accidentally knocked out of an overpopulated nest. 

Birds like cuckoos regularly overcrowd nests by laying their eggs beside existing eggs. That's what results in eggs getting knocked out because the nest is crowded. 

However, sometimes mother birds kick out the eggs because they didn't hatch in time. The mama bird does this because she sees it as infertile and doesn't want it to rot in the nest. 


Why Do Birds Abandon Nests With Their Eggs?

Why Do Birds Abandon Nests With Their Eggs - can birds move their eggs - Delcela

Birds have very strong self-preservation instincts. Typically, mama birds will abandon the nest with their eggs when they feel like they can't protect both themselves and their eggs against predators lurking around the nest. 

Now, the mother bird will fight to protect the eggs and her nest when the predator is near and only leave the nest as a last resort. 

Of course, birds may also abandon their nests with eggs due to unbearable situations like insect infestations, bad weather, or other territorial animals moving into the territory. But usually, if you see an empty nest, it's probably because the parents are on a quick food run.


Should You Put A Bird Egg Back Into The Nest?

You sure can put it back into the nest. There is a 50/50 chance that the egg fell out accidentally. Don't worry; the mama bird won't abandon or shun an egg because a human has touched it. Remember, flying birds can't grab eggs and put them back in the nest, so if you put the egg back in, you may be doing a good deed.


What Happens If You Disturb A Bird's Nest?

Birds usually protect their nests with force. However, many birds will abandon the nest if it's disturbed if it feels there's a deadly threat to itself. For example, a hawk will leave the nest if it sees you disturbing its nest as a way to catch or harm it, whereas robins will risk their lives to protect their eggs.



As you can see, only ground birds can move their birds from one nest to another. However, some ground birds roll their eggs to another nest if they feel staying at their old nest is a threat to their safety. Hopefully, that answers your question, "can bird move their eggs?" However, birds cannot move their nests; they build a new one when moving. 

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